The best recognition rate, the best design is only worth as much as the availability of the services. That is why our services are constantly monitored. Coupled with the certifications from Defender for Clouds 1), this is a valuable asset for you and your customers. We call it: Reliable BOTs

We monitor our own services from a handful of different locations in Europe, thus ensure that our international customers have the best connection quality. As a service manager of your company, you will have access to an accurate overview of availability and latency.

1) Defender for Clouds is a comprehensive suite of tools and policies that help ensure ongoing protection of services

Service Center in the Admin Panel

With the appropriate role, you have access to the Service Center in the admin panel. Here you not only get real time information about the availability of the BOT services but also valuable information about maintenance work, releases as well as tips and tricks that will make life easier for you as the person responsible.

Reliable BOTs you can count on
Availability and latency

We monitor the health of our systems from within the Public Cloud as well as from the outside. We access these resources from several European endpoints with a realistic frequency and test the functionality and measure the access times.

Incident reporting

We keep you informed about the incidents of the last 30 days that apply to your configuration. They may have an impact on availability and latency.

Scheduled Maintenance

This is the place where the advance notice for maintenance of all kinds is listed. These planned tasks may affect how you can use your subscriptions during the period.


Tips and tricks for you and your colleagues. You can find this and much more in our admin panel.

For more information on this topic, consult our FAQ section. For any support inquiries or the current availability of the solution, please check the notifications and status section in the admin panel: Service Center. For all other questions, inquiries and recommendations, preferably use the live chat functionality (see bottom right). Info about our Certificate of Compliance CoC | click here

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