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Training and Tagging. The BOTs from BOTS4ME already reliably recognize and process a large number of documents for the industries: insurance and automotive. This includes relevant business documents as well as official government documents and IDs. However, you are missing another document that would make your work a lot easier? We have the solution

We offer our customers the opportunity to learn new, yet unknown forms or the content of images through our AI engine. In this way you can further optimize the automated processing of external content in your own business processes. The API Universe has all the necessary REST API interfaces ready so that you can seamlessly integrate our BOTS into your business-critical applications.

So, imagine that a complex form that you have repetitively laboriously transferred to your web form is now automatically transferred as a JSON file to your administration system. For example, a motor vehicle insurance offer from a competitor, which is recognized and passed on to your offer system for the creation of a counter offer. Wouldn’t that be helpful?

Prepare data for the BOTS4ME AI engine

The creation of a new document type must be easy and intuitive, that was our premise. We have adopted this requirement in development process. Therefore, the request only requires a few actions per process step. In addition, only a couple of sample documents are required so that our optimized AI engine can produce the first test results.

At the beginning, a master document is required in which the required fields are marked with the aid of a PDF marker. This marker is included free of charge in every PDF viewer in popular browsers. After the so-called tagged document has been uploaded, a few more documents need to be fed the AI engine of BOTS4ME.

Tagging: Menu of BOTS4ME for Tagging Documents
All you need is your free PDF viewer in your preferred browser
Tagging simplified

Tagging principles

mark the fields with a marker
suggest a tec. field name in brackets
optionally add instructions

The following video shows you which process steps have to be carried out in detail.

Training simplified

the essential first steps

select a suitable document
tag all fields
upload the tagged document
upload sample documents
Answer compliance questions

At the end of the first processing step, we need a few more details on your part, such as ensuring data sovereignty. Your details will all be treated confidentially as usual.

For more information on this topic, consult our FAQ section. For any support inquiries or the current availability of the solution, please check the notifications and status section in the admin panel: Service Center. For all other questions, inquiries and recommendations, preferably use the live chat functionality (see bottom right). Info about our Certificate of Compliance CoC | click here

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