Cutout-Service by BOTS4ME

With our Cutout-Service, anyone can be a hero and create professional sales photos of their vehicles. Simply take a picture of the desired vehicle with your smartphone and send it to our service. You will immediately receive various images optimized for online sales. Simple, straightforward and professional

Below, you will find a few impressions of how you can use our valuable and well-respected Cutout-Service. You can use it to create professional sales photos of your vehicles in no time, just like your biggest competitors have been able to. Now, you have the chance to present your vehicles to the market with the same quality.

And the best thing about it: Simple, transparent and fair pricing which you can monitor and manage at any time in the Admin Panel. So no unexpected surprises, we promise.

Getting professional sales photos with a single call

Perfect sales photos for your online vehicle trade. Use your smartphone, send the image to our service and get a collection of perfect promotional photos back. Receive them either via email with attachments or as a feedback from our REST API. As you like.

cut-out service: a photo of a vehicle before processing

Left: Here you can see an example of an image captured with a smartphone. Note the background, the environment where the image was taken. With a ZOOM tool, you can look at the details.

cut-out service: a finished, optimized sales photo of your vehicle

right: The professional sales photo is created within seconds and with a single call. Of course you will receive the image with the usual image dimensions used for online sales. SEE SHORT VIDEO.

You can check the result again at any time in the admin panel and download it as you like. Everything is where you expect it to be and in the common 4:3 format, which is optimally supported by online platforms.

Editor of the Cutout-Service of BOTS4ME

Admin Panel | Here you can view the current result and the sales photos of your previously captured vehicles at any time. create an ideal template for each perspective and choose from a pool of professional background images.

What is required in order to use this service?

In addition to a valid subscription, you only need a smartphone to take a photograph of the vehicle of interest. Using our freely available Web Chat Pocket Buddy, you can send us the picture you have taken directly from your smartphone and you will receive the professionalized sales photo back in various formats.

You don’t have to install the Web Chat Pocket Buddy, just open this URL directly in your smartphone’s browser, everything else happens without any permanent installation on your mobile phone. We take data protection very seriously and respect your privacy, at all times.

As a second option, you can use our widely acclaimed REST API. The application is simple. You pass the corresponding image and the ID of the template. If you omit the template ID, the BOT either takes the master template or chooses the template based on the photographed vehicle perspective. It is therefore simple to create an enterprise-ready application.

Can I create and use my own templates?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the strengths of our Cutout-Service. How it works? Use the visual, intuitive template editor in the Admin Panel. There you will find everything you need to give your vehicle photos a truly professional look.

Cut-Cout-Service: An overview of the Template Editor of the Cut Out Service from the Admin Panel of BOTS4ME

CutOut Template Editor | the ultimate tool for creating professional company-specific templates

With the template editor you can customize all relevant elements such as logos, banners, backgrounds and the fictitious vanishing point. Just click on the appropriate marker and start editing as you wish.

But there is much more. For example, we recognize the angle at which your vehicle was photographed. You can create your own default templates for all relevant perspectives, such as: front, side, back or interior. Our BOTs recognize the perspective and automatically use the appropriate template.

For more information on this topic, consult our FAQ section. For any support inquiries or the current availability of the solution, please check the notifications and status section in the admin panel: Service Center. For all other questions, inquiries and recommendations, preferably use the live chat functionality (see bottom right). Info about our Certificate of Compliance CoC | click here

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