BOTS4ME und das akkurate Erkennen von Inhalten / BOTS4ME and the accurate detection of content

Recognition: Our BOT services extract accurate content from images and PDF documents and provide them instantaneously to your preferred business applications

How does it work? Use our white label enabled smartphone app smartLENS, the Chrome extension BOTS4ME meets Chrome for your popular browser or use the API Universe by BOTS4ME.

Which forms and documents are already supported by the BOTs? We already support a large number of public documents, such as vehicle registration certificate, driving license, identity card, health insurance card, etc. and of course a wide range of common documents from all Swiss insurers. This includes offers for products from the life and non-life sectors, as well as premium invoices or claims forms. These are just a few examples and new document types are being added to the portfolio. The languages: DE, EN, FR and IT are currently supported for the vast majority of documents.

What do I need to use this service?

All you need is an active subscription in which the content is activated that you want to use for your daily work. The smartphone app smartLENS, the browser extension BOTS4ME meets Chrome and use of the high-availability API Universe from BOTS4ME, are free of charge. However, in addition to a modest activation fee, only the individual calls per month are charged.

You get even more benefits with the payment plan for contingents. Using this feature, you can determine the extent to which you want to use the BOT services for the next time period and you will gain a price advantage in addition.

You can easily manage your company subscription in your Microsoft TEAMS. For this we provide you with an app for TEAMS. You benefit from Microsoft’s security system and the look and feel of the admin panel is based on that of M365 and TEAMS.

What if a new document type should be recognized?

There is an elegant solution for this need. To do this, use the tagging page provided in the browser extension, for example, upload all information and training examples for our BOTS4ME AI engine. As soon as your new data has been fed into the learning process, the first results can be assessed promptly. That’s how easy it is.

You can choose from two variants. Either you support the BOTS4ME community and allow the newly trained skills to be made accessible to everyone, or you decide that the new skills are only available to you. This is for a limited time.

How can I request a test drive?

Use the chat window (bottom right) and submit an application. As soon as your application has been approved and the test environment is activated, you can start testing.

You can use the chat window, our smartphone app smartLENS, the Chrome Extension BOTS4ME meets Chrome or the API Universe. Just as you like. Fast, relaxed and with a wide range of functionalities. For more information visit: REQUEST YOUR PERSONAL TEST DRIVE HERE !

Let’s enter into a partnership-based dialogue.

For more information on this topic, consult our FAQ section. For any support inquiries or the current availability of the solution, please check the notifications and status section in the admin panel: Service Center. For all other questions, inquiries and recommendations, preferably use the live chat functionality (see bottom right). Info about our Certificate of Compliance CoC | click here

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