BOTS4ME Inhalte markieren und automatisiert in Web Formulare übertragen / BOTS4ME mark content and automatically transfer it to web forms

In the customer service department you are confronted with filling out countless web forms on a daily basis. For example, you laboriously transfer field contents from paper documents, PDFs or images into the fields of your internal business application. This is an error prone, time consuming and unpleasant task. It doesn’t have to be!

With the teach-in functionality of the browser extension from BOTS4ME, the fields recognized by the BOT from documents are automatically transferred to your business application. According to your needs, you can create as many templates for yourself as you like. A real relief and you have more time for relevant topics such as e.g. your customers.

Conceivably the simplest creation of templates

Filling out web forms: The creation of individual templates tailored to your daily needs is very easy. It has to be like that, because your daily work life is already busy as it is.

The following tutorial video gives you a brief insight into how you can create and use a personal template. Each template is linked to a specific type of document, e.g. a premium invoice from insurer XY and a specific web form. If the BOT recognizes this document, it reads the necessary fields from the PDF or image and transfers this to the associated fields of your web application.

Teach-in simplified

Worth knowing about teach-ins

Choose the base document
Let the BOT recognize the content
Switch on the teach-in mode
Link the fields together
Give the new template a name

After creating the most important templates, you will notice a significant improvement in your daily work. Of course, you can maintain these templates yourself and expand your portfolio at any time.

This is just one of the many time-saving functionalities that are widely appreciated by our customers and that are already available to you with an active subscription. That’s how easy it is.

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