BOTS4ME Angebote im Paket / BOTS4ME offers in the package

We support your growth over time as a trusted partner you can rely on. That is why we have prepared various products and bundled services for you. This means that you have an extensive variety of combinations of our building blocks to fulfil your individual requirements. If your needs or those of your customers change, you can adjust your settings with a few clicks in the admin panel. So you stay in control at all times

The following list gives you a brief insight into the individual building blocks from which you can choose and how you can configure them to meet your company-specific environment needs. These configurations are subscription-wide and are immediately available to your organization and its employees.

BOT services made applicable

There are essentially three ways your employees can use the services of BOTS4ME. In addition, there is a mutual admin platform for all concerns of all user types according to the role concept and the need to know principle. These three variants all have their own characteristics and are often built for a specific user group. There is, for example, the smartLENS app for iOS and Android, which is preferably – but not exclusively – designed for the sales force or the damage assessment staff.

smartLENS, the native app available for iOS and Android for all use cases provided by BOTS4ME

The smartLENS smartphone app for iOS and Android is also available for iPads. A special feature is the white labeling functionality, which means the appearance can be adapted to the company’s own corporate identity (CI/CD). This leads to a higher acceptance among users and your customers perceive the consistent appearance benevolently.

The ideal tool for all those who are on site at the customer’s office or wherever information needs to be collected quickly and accurately without disturbing the actual business process.

the Chromium browser extension for all use cases that BOTS4ME provides

The browser extension BOTS4ME meets Chrome is available for all chromium-based browsers. This includes Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and other web browsers on the market. This valuable extension can therefore be used immediately in your preferred browser.

A special feature of this extension is the teach-in functionality, with which it is possible for content from documents to be transferred directly to your business-relevant web forms.

the API universe for developers who want to use the interfaces of BOTS4ME via REST API

The API Universe contains all the necessary REST APIs that allow a software developer to programatically embed the entire service portfolio of BOTS4ME. In addition to the relevant documentation for using the APIs, the developer will find a comprehensive collection of all playload definitions.

The ready-made Postman file acts as a starting point to calling our API. The logs of a call are accessable immediately in the admin panel.

NOTE: All three options are free of charge with a valid subscription

BOT services tailored to your needs

Each learning BOT from the BOT Universe, also called swarm element (acronym SE) fulfills a specific task. For a bigger more complex task, multiple BOTs can be combined. BOTs can collectively solve the main task in groups (as a homogeneous swarm) and process various other subtasks at the same time.

An SE can also contain so-called extensions. Thus it is possible that the feedback (payload) of an SE can be enriched with further information. For example, weather and traffic conditions can be provided in case of damage assessments.


Basic characteristics of a BOT

Smallest self-learning BOT unit
Recognizes trained contents fast
Uses diff. recognition algorithms
Validates its own recognition results
Can be combined with other BOTs
Accessible via REST API
Human readable results (JSON)

Basic characteristics of extensions

Fullfillment of a logical topic field
Uses ext. trustworthy data sources
Cross relationships are validated
Can be activated configuratively
Integrated in the SE payload
Included in the price per call1)

Basic characteristics of a SE collection

An arranged collection of SEs
Do complex tasks in one order
Logical sequence can be defined
Available company-wide
Webhook integration2)
Human readable results (JSON)

1) Until further notice, there is no entitlement to these conditions. BOTS4ME reserves the right to make changes to the offer at any time .
2) See, for example, the implementation in our smartphone app smartLENS for iOS and Android. Ideal for the point of sale (PoS).

BOT Services offers flexible pricing plans

For the maximum flexibility, you can choose between different plans in your subscription tone. You can switch to the next more extensive plan at any time. With the purchase of a contingent you can further optimize your expenses.


Suitable for
the automotive and garages market

Swiss Business Card
Swiss Identity Card
Swiss Vehicle Registration Certificate
Swiss Driving License
Swiss License Plate
Chassis Number
Chassis Number Plate
Vehicle Dashboard
Vehicle Form 13.20
and other entities…1)

Suitable for
the insurance and broker market
the automitive and garages market

Cut out for online reselling4)
Life insurance offers2)
Non-Life insurance offers2)
Premium invoice2)
Payment reminder2)
Insurance policies2)
Brokerage fees (Courtage)2)
and other entities…1)

Suitable for
the insurance and broker market

Car fleet lists3)
and other entities…1)


1) This is only an excerpt of what our BOTs are able to recognize per branch of industry. For a detailed list, please contact us (see chat below right)
2) For all major insurers in the swiss market space
3) Lists of offers from a third-party insurer as the basis for a counter-offer
4) Cutout-Service: Cut and sell optimized vehicle for online sale. Enhance your image with your logo, banner, background and more

You will always have an overview over your financial commitment. You can find this comprehensive information in our free admin panel, which is available as a Microsoft TEAMS app store. You can optimize this at any time and fine-tune it to your company-specific circumstances.


Advantage for you:

Pay what you use
Fixed base price per plan and call
No additional configuration necessary
Convenient billing using a payment slip
Arrears billing model1) 2)

Advantage for you:

Purchase a contingent from one of the plans
You will receive a special discount per contingent
You can design a contingent according to your needs
Ideal for your periodic budgeting and cost accounting
Easiest prepayment with a detailed invoice

1) The billing period is a month and the invoice is issued as a PDF at the end of a calendar month
2) Fees of any kind or interest on arrears are due immediately

For more information on this topic, consult our FAQ section. For any support inquiries or the current availability of the solution, please check the notifications and status section in the admin panel: Service Center. For all other questions, inquiries and recommendations, preferably use the live chat functionality (see bottom right). Info about our Certificate of Compliance CoC | click here

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