WE AT BOTS4ME® are committed to the topic of semantic extraction of content from images and PDFs based on AI technologies. Depending on the defined rules, content is semantically recognized and also validated by external data sources. Should the customer-specific business case require it, further business-critical information is also collected, such as company-lookups or the evaluation of recognized objects.

This recognized and validated content can then be fed to the company-specific business applications. Of course, the payload also contains all relevant information for fulfilling a holistic «audit trail» as well as all information for billing against third parties.

The security, availability and compliance conformity of our services are validated on the basis of various quality standards provided by Microsoft Defender for Cloud and the BOTS4ME services are operated and monitored by the Microsoft Azure public cloud.


Recognizing the semantics of content is based on self-learning algorithms (AI – artificial intelligence), which we are continuously improving. We encapsulate these algorithms in so-called BOTs, which can be called up via market-compliant REST interfaces. The replies from these BOTs are in a reusable and market-compliant format (JSON). That is why the determined contents of our BOTs are immediately available in your business applications. Added value without hurdles.

The collection of REST-based AI BOTs on different topics for different industries is constantly growing. In addition, we develop specific smartphone apps on customer request. We protect your pre-investments and help you to open up your value chain to the customer. With a valid subscription, you may use our smartLENS app free of charge. It is highly configurable and brings you immediately added value to your whole organization.

Further useful information and application examples for our BOTs can be found on the solution page or reach out to our specialists via chat (see bottom right).


Our interdisciplinary core team is based in Switzerland. An agile implementation of ideas, projects and marketable services is elementary for us and requires an established network of competent, available specialists. We are constantly maintaining and expanding our network in nearby foreign countries as well as «offshore». A tried and tested mixture of various proven experts that we are proud of.

BOTS4ME® is an initiative of NABOOH©

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BOTS4ME® is an initiative of NABOOH©, since 2017 | update 10.2021